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How can I create a TuneIn account?
Creating an account is easy and allows you take your Favorites with you wherever you go.  Just visit https://tunein.com/account/new/signup/ to sign up for an account or create an account within TuneIn Radio or TuneIn Radio Pro applications for iOS and Android.

How do I download/get Tunein Radio
TuneIn Radio App is available for download for all mobile devices.  Visit http://tunein.com/get-tunein/ to download the free app for your device.

How do I add a station to my Favorites on TuneIn.com?
After browsing to the station that you’d like to add to your Favorites, press the button above the player and below the advertisement on the right hand side that says station and has a heart next to it.  Once you’ve pressed it, the heart will change colors to indicate that the station has been added to your Favorites.

You can also organize your Favorites by using the account drop down menu on the top right corner of TuneIn.  From the Favorites page, you have the options to add or edit folders and organize your stations. Any changes will appear on your mobile device when logged in to your account.

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